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Research projects


Enhancement of functional capacity in sick-listed unemployed workers with psychological problems

Y.B. (Yvonne) Suijkerbuijk, MD PhD Projects Ongoing
Elmi Zwaan (schilproj.Syl.vdBurg)

Enhancing interprofessional collaboration in occupational healthcare through interprofessional learning

E. (Elmi) Zwaan, MSc Other Projects Ongoing
Marlinda Dekker apr 2023

Enhancing interprofessional collaboration in social insurance medicine in the Netherlands: identifying barriers, facilitators and opportunities for evidence-based collaboration through instrument development and implementation

M.C.C. (Marlinda) Dekker, MD PhD Projects Ongoing
Miljana Vukadin

Evaluation of an implementation strategy for Individual Placement and Support for people with severe mental illness

M. (Miljana) Vukadin, MD PhD Projects Ongoing
Frederieke Schaafsma_april 2020

Evaluation of work functioning and return to work options using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)

F.G. (Frederieke) Schaafsma, MD, PhD Other Projects Ongoing

Experts-by-experience to support work participation

N. (Nina) Zipfel, PhD Other Projects Ongoing

Prognosable: a method to assist physicians in disability prognosis evaluation

S.P. (Sylvia) Snoeck-Krygsman, MD PhD Projects Ongoing
HJB portrait 2021

The assessment of inability to work fulltime by the insurance physician

H.J.M. (Henk-Jan) Boersema, MD PhD Projects Ongoing

The future is now; the use of new technologies to improve disability assessments and re-integration services in insurance medicine

E. (Elza) Muller, MD PhD Projects Ongoing
Alice Laganga UMCG

The role of disease-generic symptoms in sick leave, return-to-work and work disability evaluation

A.A. (Alice) Laganga, MD MSc PhD Projects Ongoing

Triage tool and decision aid for customized return-to-work support of partially disabled workers

C.J.C. (Christa) Voortman-de Geus, MSc PhD Projects Ongoing
Marije 27-6-2023

Value@WORK: Value-based health care for occupational health

M.E. (Marije) Hagendijk, Msc Other Projects Ongoing