Proefschriften KCVG 1a

Completed research


Boersema H.J.M.


Weerdesteijn K.H.N.

  • Work-related functioning among long-term sick-listed workers with persistent subjective health complaints, 3-2-2022
    ISBN: 978-94-6419-417-3


Donker-Cools B.H.P.M.

  • Acquired brain injury and work participation, 30-1-2020
    ISBN 978-94-92679-98-7

Louwerse I.

  • Predictive modelling in insurance medicine, 17-11-2020
    ISBN: 978-94-6416-055-0


Vooijs M.

  • Supporting work participation of people with a chronic disease, 8-3-2018
    ISBN: 978-94-92679-25-3


Egmond van M.

  • Return to work in cancer survivors with job loss, 19-1-2017
    ISBN: 978-94-6233-451-9

Lammerts L.

  • Return to work of workers without an employment contract, sick-listed due to a common mental disorder: Evaluation of a participatory supportive return to work program, 21-4-2017
    ISBN: 978-94-6233-551-6


Audhoe S.

  • Promoting work participation of non-permanent workers with psychological problems An evidence-based approach to occupational health care, 27-1-2016
    ISBN: 978-94-6259-993-2

Muijen van P.

  • Work ability and fatigue in cancer survivors on long-term sick leave, 23-11-2016
    ISBN: 978-94-6233-443-4


Kok R.

  • Evidence-based Disability Evaluation, 19-12-2014


Cornelius LR.

  • A view beyond the horizon. A prospective cohort study on mental health and long-term disability, 11-12-2013
    ISBN: 978-90-367-6608-1

Dekkers-Sánchez Mendoza PM.

  • Work ability assessment of employees on long term sick leave in Insurance Medicine, 20-11-2013
    ISBN: 978-94-619-1926-7

Holwerda A.

  • Work outcome in Young Adults with Disabilities, 18-12-2013
    ISBN: 978-90-367-6600-5

Zwerver F.

  • Development and evaluation of an implementation strategy for insurance medicine guidelines for depression: protocol depressie, 29-1-2013
    ISBN: 978-90-6464-611-9


Muijzer A.

  • The assessment of efforts to return to work, 2012
    ISBN: 978-94-6108-266-4

Vermeulen SJ.

  • Return to work for temporary agency workers and unemployed workers, sick-listed due to musculoskeletal disorders: Cost-effectiveness of a participatory return to work program, 27-6-2012
    ISBN: 978-94-6108-308-1


Rijssen van HJ.

  • Communication between social insurance physicians and work disability claimants, 2011
    ISBN: 978-90-8659-548-8

Samoocha D.


Boer de WEL.

  • Quality of evaluation of work disability, 2010
    ISBN: 978-90-5986-334-7

Spanjer J.

  • The Disability Assessment Structured Interview, Its reliability and validity in work disability assessment, 2010
    ISBN: 978-94-6070-009-5


Slebus FG.

  • Disease oriented work ability assessment in social insurance medicine, 2009
    ISBN: 978-90-9024-503-4


Wind H.

  • Assessment of physical work ability: the utility of Functional Capacity Evaluation for insurance physicians, 2007
    ISBN: 978-90-9022-473-2