Collaboration with other knowledge institutes and centers is highly appreciated by KCVG.

With research and education, other knowledge institutes and universities contributeto job retention and to an increase in the degree of worker participation. The possibility of jointly acquiring new resources for research and development, or for co-funding of joint projects, can also be investigated. There are currently already partnerships with the Labor Expert Knowledge Center (AKC) and the Dutch Academic Center for Insurance Medicine (DACIM). Relevant research in the field of insurance medicine is conducted or facilitated by research institutes such as APE, and by the Instituut Gak and the Labor Foundation. At an international level, KCVG cooperates with several European countries. International cooperation leads to the development of knowledge products that benefit the field of insurance medicine in the Netherlands, e.g. Cochrane Insurance Medicine.

Two types of collaboration

We distinguish two types of collaboration with KCVG: participation in the KCVG research program and a more casual form of collaboration in other projects.

  1. KCVG own research projects
    These projects are part of the KCVG research program and concern long-term PhD programs. The KCVG research program is now conducted by AMC, UMCG, UWV, VUmc and partners.

  2. Other projects
    KCVG is also open to other types of collaboration with ongoing and yet to be started projects that are conducted outside the KCVG research program by scientific and other institutions, or by partners of KCVG through other funding.

If you would like to receive information about cooperating with the KCVG and the conditions under which this cooperation might take place, please contact KCVG: info.kcvg@amsterdamumc.nl