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Who we are

General Information

The Dutch Research Center for Insurance Medicine (KCVG) is a joint initiative of the Department of Public & Occupational Health, Amsterdam UMC (AUMC); the Department of Social Medicine, University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG); and the Social Medical Affairs Division (SMZ), Institute for Employee Benefits Schemes (UWV).

KCVG aims to promote quality and scientific evidence in insurance medicine by developing and evaluating methods, guidelines, tools and interventions. Together with AUMC and UMCG, another objective is to make insurance medicine part of the curriculum of medical students so that doctors-in-training can become registered insurance physicians. Collaboration with other research institutes is pursued to achieve the widest possible participation in this research field.

Organizations Participating in the KCVG Research Program

  • Department of Public & Occupational Health, Amsterdam UMC
  • Department of Social Medicine, UMCG Groningen
  • Social Medical Affairs Division, UWV Amsterdam

The Research Program

The KCVG research program aims:

  1. to develop scientifically based methods, guidelines and tools for insurance medicine, and:
  2. to determine the effectiveness of interventions.

Examples are evaluation methods to be used by insurance physicians in their practice, tools intended to promote and monitor quality, and guidelines for the use of evidence-based medicine. UVW has set up an academic work center that provides manpower, experience and statistical data for KCVG. New projects can be submitted to the board.

Themes covered in the KCVG include:

  • Causes and consequences of health-related incapacity to work.
  • Prevention and reduction of health-related incapacity to work.
  • Consequences of new legislation on insurance medicine.

About this Website

This website provides information about the activities and products of the Research Center for Insurance Medicine (KCVG) and its related subject areas, and about the persons involved.