The KCVG (Dutch Research Center for Insurance Medicine) conducts research tailored to knowledge gaps in the entire spectrum of the insurance medicine practical field.

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    The KCVG is focused on the development of scientific knowledge in the field of insurance medicine.

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    UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) and the KCVG have selected the Academic Workplace (AWP) as the method of cooperation between the university and the regional UWV to achieve the objective of academization. Academization can be described as bridging the gap between scientific theory and practice; between an executive organization and the university.

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    Cooperation with other knowledge institutes and centers is greatly appreciated by the KCVG.

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Aiming for optimum participation in the workforce

We feel that people with health problems should be given the opportunity to participate in the workforce. Why is this so important? Because work contributes to health, wellbeing and quality of life and can represent a positive contribution to society. Our aim is to help people with health problems to make the best possible use of their potential to work.

Academic basis for insurance medicine

We use targeted and applied research in research projects, carried out by and with professionals in the insurance medicine sector. An exchange of demand and knowhow takes place in academic work centers. We contribute to education within the insurance medicine sector and work together with other knowledge institutes and centers for collaboration.

We develop and support

We develop interventions, guidelines, questionnaires, instruments, protocols and teaching programs and write academic articles. The project overview shows an overview of products we have developed and professional PhD graduates in the insurance medicine sector.