Research Center for Insurance Medicine make science for work!
Research Center for Insurance Medicine make science for work!

Dutch Research Center for Insurance Medicine

The purpose of the Dutch Research Center for Insurance Medicine (in Dutch: Kenniscentrum Verzekeringsgeneeskunde (KCVG)) is to promote the quality and scientific support of insurance medicine by developing and evaluating methods, guidelines, tools and interventions. Academization in the field of insurance medicine: bridging the gap between science and practice.

Insurance physicians conducting disability assessments at the Dutch Institute for Employee Benefits Schemes combine their work in practice with scientific research as a junior or senior researcher at KCVG. In this way, science is optimally linked to practice. KCVG is involved in the entire process of learning, innovating and valorizing knowledge.



We aim for optimal labor participation

We feel that people with health problems should be given the opportunity to participate in the workforce. Why is this so important? Because work contributes to health, wellbeing and quality of life and can represent a positive contribution to society. Our aim is to help people with health problems to make the best possible use of their potential to work.



Through scientific substantiaton of insurance medicine

We use targeted and applied research in both long-term and short-term research projects, carried out by and with professionals in the field of insurance medicine. In academic work centers we pick up questions in practice and implement and valorize our knowledge. We also contribute to education in the field of insurance medicine and collaborate with other knowledge institutes and centers.



We develop and substantiate

We develop interventions, guidelines, questionnaires, instruments, protocols, educational programs and publish scientific articles. An overview of the research projects, publications and completed research with a PhD thesis can be found at the research button.

KCVG real world science!
KCVG real world science!

We develop and support

Research Center for Insurance Medicine: collaboration between AMC - UMCG - UWV - VUmc