UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) and the KCVG have selected the Academic Workplace (AWP) as the method of cooperation between the university and the regional UWV to achieve the objective of academization. Academization can be described as bridging the gap between scientific theory and practice; between an executive organization and the university.

The academic workplace (AWP) is an operationalization of the term academization: generated knowledge is translated into practical, usable products, services and instruments through the structural collaboration between at least one practical organization and one university department. Conversely, relevant practical problems are translated into scientific questions, which are irreconcilable.

AWP objective
The objective of the academic workplaces at the KCVG is described as follows: the professionalization of the insurance physicians and the development of the professional field, leading to the improvement of the professional practice and job satisfaction of professionals. The academic workplaces are therefore part of the Learning and Innovation Platforms (LIPs).

AWP framework memorandum
With regard to the organization of the academic workplaces, an AWP framework memorandum was drawn up, which the district managers of UWV and the Program Board of the KCVG have committed themselves to.

The framework memorandum contains a division that clearly shows that every UWV office has a direct line to one of the three universities of the KCVG. This division is a starting position, not a blueprint. Exceptions are always possible and the document is flexible - if a different division is determined to be more suitable in the future, the document will be modified. The division can be found in THIS document.

The document also lists the seniors at each university that serve as contacts for the offices.