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The Dutch Research Center for Insurance Medicine (Kenniscentrum Verzekeringsgeneeskunde (KVCG)) is a joint initiative of the Coronel Institute of Occupational Health, the Division of Clinical Methods and Public Health, the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam (Coronel Instituut voor Arbeid en Gezondheid, Divisie Klinische Methoden en Public Health, Academisch Medisch Centrum (AMC)), the Department of Social Medicine, University Medical Center Groningen (afdeling Sociale Geneeskunde, Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen (UMCG)), the Department of Social Medicine, EMGO Intitute, VU University Medical Center (afdeling Sociale Geneeskunde, EMGO Instituut, VU medisch centrum (VUmc)), and the Social Medical Affairs Division of the Dutch Employee Insurance Schemes Implementing Body (Divisie Sociaal Medische Zaken (SMZ), Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen (UWV).

The purpose of the KCVG is to promote the quality and scientific support of insurance medicine by developing and evaluating methods, guidelines, tools and interventions. The KCVG, in collaboration with the AMC, the UMCG and the VUmc, aims to raise the issue of insurance medicine in schools with medical students and specialist registrars (basisartsen in opleiding) in insurance medicine. The KCVG strives to work in partnership with other educational institutes in order to be active in as wide a range of research fields as possible.

Organisations Participating in the KCVG Research Programme

  • Coronel Institute of Occupational Health, AMC, Amsterdam
  • Department of Social Medicine, UMCG, Groningen
  • Social Medical Affairs Division, UWV, Amsterdam
  • Department of Social Medicine, EMGO Institute, VUmc, Amsterdam

The Research Programme

The aim of the KCVG research programme is to develop scientifically based methods, guidelines and tools for insurance medicine and to determine the effectiveness of interventions. Examples of this are evaluation methods, methods for the promotion of quality control, and control of evidence-based medicine on behalf of the insurance physicians. These methods and guidelines can be used by insurance physicians in their practice. The UVW has set up an academic workplace that provides the KCVG with manpower, experience and statistical information. Some of the subjects that are dealt with by the KCVG are:

  • Causes and consequences of health-related incapacity for work.
  • Prevention and reduction of health-related incapacity for work.
  • Consequences of new regulations with regard to insurance medicine.

Organisational structure of the KCVG

The management of the KCVG is in the hands of the Programme Council, which consists of:

  • Professor S. Brouwer (chair, UMCG)
  • Professor A.J. van der Beek (vice chair, VUmc)


  • Professor H. Wind (AMC / Foundation Institute Gak)

  • Professor M.H.W. Frings-Dresen (AMC)

  • Professor U. Bültmann (UMCG)

  • Dr H. Kroneman (UWV)

  • Doctorandus D. Holtkamp (Programme Manager KCVG)
  • Professor J.R. Anema (VUmc)


Purpose of the Website
The purpose of this website is to provide information about the activities of the Research Center for Insurance Medicine (KCVG) and its related subject areas, and to provide information about the persons involved.

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